Edutainment platform for online creators to create, learn, earn

How to become a successful creator and make money online?

We see the future in a distributed, or so-called gig economy, where people cooperate and provide services through online platforms. An important part of this trend is the ability to communicate, build your online brand, and sell online.
We present our project forCreators.

Creators focuses on creative people who want to learn how to turn creativity into money online. Thanks to a variety of online tools and platforms it’s possible to start earning with minimum investment or completely for free.

We map this landscape, share inspiration, guides, and resources for musicians, singers, writers, craft makers, instructors, and actually anybody, who wants to jump into the online creator’s world.


Visit to read the resources and interviews. We continue building the platform, which helps us also to test new approaches to content marketing, SEO, online advertising, analytics, or online sales.

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