BI Cube

How to create a joyful social media style for a business intelligence company Joyful Craftsmen?

The joyful side of business intelligence


OLAP cube represents a basic paradigm in business intelligence. To encompass this, we developed an idea to make it more people-friendly and become a Joyful Craftsmen ambassador.

BI cube joyful branding
Social Media Business Intelligence Joyful Craftsmen BI Cube

Social Media

We created JC BI Cube to distinguish the company on social media. This worked phenomenally! And soon…


As people loved BI cube, we introduced concepts to expand the range to include further extensions like t-shirts or even products for the e-shop.

#KenoBI became the most popular visual for skilled BI professionals.

Winners Joyful Craftmen


BI cube helped Joyful Craftsmen launch social media, present the joyful face of the company, and distinguish it from competitors. Taking a closer look at the data, posts with BI cube generated on average 3x higher engagement compared to standard posts.

What started as a symbol of online communication quickly turned into a favorite ambassador and mark of the company.

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